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  1. anyone heard of the Remix version of Right Now?
  2. Chris was seen at Opry!
  3. Unfinished business with 'The Lamb"
  4. Garth Brooks in... the Life of Chris Gaines...interview
  5. Put a copy in YOUR Libary too!
  6. Kirkpatrick/Kennedy help on
  7. The Lamb
  8. Love One Another/Things Garth has said about Chris Gaines
  9. Tommy Sims/PEACE and LOVE/It Don't Matter to the Sun
  10. For Love of the Game
  11. something you might find kinda funny
  12. Nice pic Jason.
  13. The girlfriend of Chris Gaines
  14. which songs...
  15. "That's The Way I Remember It..."
  16. Questioning The Lamb...
  17. Chris' ring
  18. chris gaines movie
  19. "IDMTTS"- Garth singin' full audio...
  20. To Snow...
  21. The 1st Annual CGFiction Awards
  22. CG fan fiction...
  23. chris gaines special last year
  24. Question for RN- track number 8
  25. i need lyrics to 2 songs
  26. local station gives sad news about "The Lamb":-(
  27. The Lamb- theme song???
  28. Chris gaines tablature
  29. Alison Krauss cover of maybe
  30. The Lamb may be on
  31. Chris Gaines Martin County, Florida
  32. GB/CG's Right Now (You Want It You Got It CLUB MIX)
  33. JimmieLeeSloas produces new PFR
  34. You guys are really sad
  35. The Lamb begins filming in 4 weeks!!!
  36. The Lamb (2001)
  37. What is it about Chris Gaines?
  38. What is it about Garth Brooks and Chris Gaines?
  39. Where can I find...
  40. The Lamb
  41. Lyrics
  42. Garth will DEFINITELY NOT play Chris Gains :(
  43. Chris' ring...
  44. The Lamb?
  45. Garth Brooks and Chris Gains.
  46. Have you ever?
  47. Tommy Sims producing pop record for CeCe Winans
  48. win signed Wayne Kirkpatrick lyric sheet
  49. Possibility of First 4 Albums of Chris Gaines Being Released
  50. OK - who did it?
  51. Chris Gaines - a movie, would you see it?
  52. Go look at the changes!
  53. Has anyone ever thought...
  54. Almost Famous has CG/GB connections
  55. CG ain't that original
  56. Did anyone know who's now playing w/Billy Joel?
  57. Tell you the truth!
  58. What's in a name?
  59. something wrong with CGF.com??
  60. humm... Chris Gaines... will he be back??
  61. Taking a look back in time...
  62. Passing it on
  63. Where can I find lyrics for CG songs, sung by GB?
  64. which version do you like better...
  65. Third Day member
  66. words
  67. Are they making this movie or not?
  68. what's with CGF.com???
  69. "Oh Chris Gaines...the Mango wants to wish you..
  70. "Lost in You"
  71. me little dumb child....
  72. What Is This Movie About???
  73. It Was Two Years Ago Today (Sept. 29,1999)
  74. European Cut of "Lost in You"
  75. Hmmmm
  76. Let's Play A Game
  77. chris gaines v garth
  78. Thats The Way I Remember It
  79. It's a FACT. Gaines project continues to interest Paramount
  80. Time is in His Side(mine too)
  81. New scriptwriter for Gaines' movie
  82. pot shot at chris gaines
  83. Chris Gaines knows how we're all feeling....
  84. Does anyone know why he tried to be someone else?
  85. STUPID thread, but you'll forgive me...
  86. the movie the lamb
  87. A little holiday cheer for CG fans :)
  88. what's the origin and significance of Chris' ring?
  89. Duets
  90. Just something to think about
  91. whats wrong with CGF.com
  92. Can Chris Come Out and Play?
  93. Do you want to come ?
  94. Love letters to my 'secret' Valentine
  95. Who is Chris Gaines?
  96. a cool kinda updated page on The Lamb
  97. Reflection on CG
  98. Lost In You
  99. The Lamb Finally Headed Into Production!
  100. Chris Gaines LIVES !!!!!
  101. Found this at burning country......
  102. More info about "The Lamb"
  103. Young Chris
  104. Watch an old interview!
  105. Will The Lamb be put out on dvd or video??
  106. Update on The Lamb...
  107. Garth/CG Info
  108. What's keeping you Chris Gaines?
  109. "I brought back soul."
  111. Welcome Moderator Spudly!
  112. New Meaning
  113. Did you ever once think about calling the whole Gaines project off?
  114. JAM! Interview with the Legendary Chris Gaines
  115. No Pain, No Gaines
  116. It's Chris, er, Garth Speaking
  117. Garth / Chris Gaines/ Gordon Kennedy/ Interesting info
  118. please post Chris Gaines Greatest Hits reviews here
  119. The Songs that created the artist known as The New Prince
  120. cool taglines for The Lamb?
  121. sweet loretta
  122. Chris Gaines Fans Forums
  123. Hey did you hear?!
  124. Doesn't Chris even know what's coming?? Let's talk!
  125. Right Now video
  126. I met another diehard CG fan today!
  127. What if Chris did a movie of your life?
  128. photos of Garth singing CG on Rosie show/clip from NBC special
  129. Garth, Chris, & Mtv
  130. Hollywood & Vine
  131. What do you "remember" most about Chris Gaines in the event of his death?
  132. A very Garthy..no Chirsy nite..LOL
  133. Just Around the Corner
  134. Gaines Memory Lane
  135. Who is Chris Gaines
  136. new CG fan has no clue yet it's Garth
  137. Old Garth Fan, Re-Introduced by Chris Gaines
  138. Garth Brooks(Chris Gaines project)Press Release photo archive
  139. Chris Gaines specializes in hip-hop!!!!?????
  140. what's the fingers gesture framing Chris' eyes?
  141. This is Dedicated to the One I Love, CG
  142. I still don't
  143. Jump the Shark
  144. Garth...In the Life of Chris Gaines TV Documentary
  145. new CG/GB photo!
  146. The Lamb has ties to Ireland
  147. "l'experience" pics
  148. Can't Enough Of Gaines!
  149. Has Garth really lost anything by risking Chris Gaines?
  150. Where did all the CG fans go?
  151. Please update Chris Gaines info
  152. Now Why'd He Say That????
  153. "Lost in you" video?
  154. Can We Speculate about CG Fans?
  155. Chris in 1 word or less...
  156. Tim Mcgraw and Chris Gaines creators..
  157. whatz the buzz, tell me whatz happenin'
  158. 2 CG Inquiries
  159. The Lamb
  160. Chris Gaines the videos / the Special?
  161. A Different Brandon, more Chris than Garth...
  162. Another Interesting Connection...
  163. The IT Factor ... Maria
  164. "The movie is still yet to come out"
  165. not Garth but pretty cool
  166. I'll eat the CG black wig off the GB head if I'm wrong...
  167. CG/Garth mentioned on radio show
  168. A Chris Gaines fan needs help
  169. Is he hot or not?
  170. "You Don't Have to be Chris Gaines to be Garth Brooks"
  171. the Don Was, Chris Gaines, Rolling Stone's Connection..
  172. the story behind the story.
  173. "Never Lost" project
  174. I figured It Out
  175. Garth Brooks: Living La Vida Loco?
  176. Tba 2003/2004
  177. True Story behind Brooks as Gaines
  178. happy belated birthday Chris Gaines!!!
  179. L'expÉrience...garth Brooks
  180. Happy Anniversary Christian Gene Gaines!
  181. White Flag
  182. Digging for Gold
  183. Apostle
  184. Another Gaines song to get "covered"...
  185. Reinventing yourself
  186. Oh, but that it were true?
  187. Garth Brooks takes Chris Gaines on media rounds
  188. Chris Gaines Project on E!s Celeb Mistakes List
  189. is this correct?
  190. Why the Chris Gaines project?
  191. here's a pic of yours truly
  192. Keeping Chris Gaines alive!
  193. YAHOO! Users
  194. Chris Gaines web site?
  195. Chris still gains new fans!
  196. What is your favorite song on Garth's Chris Gaines Album??
  197. Newbie - Whats up w/ Chris ?
  198. Music video
  199. Every Day People
  200. Reba Mcentire
  201. Consider the source
  202. My own sneak preview of The Lamb
  203. Chris Gaines mention by Jason Blume
  204. maybe a stupid question
  205. questions about vocal
  206. Lyrics
  207. Was there any promotion for "The Lamb"?
  208. Chris Gains Interview??
  209. Chris' accident
  210. Blake Shelton's New CD...
  211. what do you think of when...
  212. Gaines site?
  213. The Lamb Release
  214. Chris Gaines Karaoke
  215. Chris Gaines Behind The Music Question
  216. Chris Gaines, retired????
  217. CG Band Member OnStage at 'Live 8'
  218. did i miss it ???
  219. Chris Gains
  220. Great I see the Gaines forum is closed, but I was wondering about that whole project
  221. Does anybody know if the movie is still going to be released?
  222. Question on The Lamb
  223. Chris Gaines
  224. Rock Bottom 10 of the 90's
  225. Driftin' Away on Greys Anantomy
  226. Is it just me or does the CG album get better and better with time?
  227. Looking for Chis Gaines pictures
  228. Chris Gaines Specials
  229. "the New Prince"
  230. Chords for Thats The Way I Remember It?
  231. explain Chris Gaines
  232. For the Chris Gaines fans
  233. Why the two titles?
  234. Favorite Chris Gaines song?
  235. Chris Gaines Myspace
  236. Why no Chris Gaines at WalMart
  237. Chris MIA on Garth Brooks.com
  238. Chris Gaines cartoon
  239. Have We All Been Had By Chris Gaines???
  240. The Lamb In Development
  241. Chris Gaines Videos
  242. Very excited!!!
  243. Chris Gaines album
  244. Bring Back Chris Gaines
  245. Happy Birthday, Mr. Gaines!!
  246. Chris gaines Videos
  247. Curious About Cover of Holgraphic CD
  248. Garth on Chris Gaines from fox news
  249. Chris Gaines Movie May be On
  250. Happy Birthday, Mr. Gaines!