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  1. Growing up..................a song......
  2. "LOOKS LIKE I LIED" ....I've been out of practice, be gentle, LOL
  3. What musical artists of today, are going to be tomorrows legends?
  4. "Way Back When" My first song..oh boy...
  5. Lookie here :)
  6. For all the musicians....... "My new love's a six string"
  7. I need a demo does anyone know how to make one
  8. new ROCK artists.. who do you like?
  9. Soul Asylum....."Run Away Train"......
  10. Chords and Tabs
  11. "Who's Left Standing" my second effort....
  12. 100 already :)
  14. My daughter will be singing "The National Anthem" for the San Diego Padres!!!!
  15. "Guessing Tears" (very powerful)
  16. Hey Y'all
  17. One of my songs..."What's Your Name"
  18. A better one "What Are Friends For?"
  19. Update :)
  20. need some honest opinion
  21. A wannabe guitar player
  22. I was bored so........
  23. "How Long Could It Last?"
  24. "She's Gonna Love You" ....and No, I wasn't bitter when I wrote it, LOL
  25. name that tune
  26. "better off with me" a song i wrote a while back
  27. Its Not Your Time... might seem a little weird...
  28. A word of thought
  29. A poem.. from OH to TN ;)
  30. Songwriters challenge
  31. Still(duet)
  32. Everybody Just ... Stop Trippin'
  33. "She needs to Know"
  34. New Song idea...should I continue with it?
  35. "I Can't Begin To Miss You" (rough draft)
  36. What brand/model of acoustic guitar is most popular in country music today???
  37. why does Garth not have any solo stuff
  38. Tell Me It's Not True
  39. Another One...
  40. Interesting titles, but no new songs yet....
  41. No Vacancies Here
  42. Owasso
  43. Sunrise over Denver
  44. It's a trip
  45. "How it started"?
  46. "For He who is"
  47. The Mind.
  48. Im back
  49. Coming Back With A Bang....literally.
  50. "The Girl I Never Was"
  51. Ode to Nash.....;)
  52. "Two Ways To Nowhere"
  53. I need some song writting buddies and a band
  54. "Eyes so blue"
  55. United Spirits
  56. Only Lonely Left.
  57. Wondering
  58. Christmas In July..lol...you'll see when you read ;-)
  59. Only a Vase.
  60. Where I can get Garth viola or violin/fiddle sheet music?
  61. She's Hopeless
  62. Looking for a song one of you wrote...
  63. And I Believed You
  64. My daughter asked to sing National Anthem for Pro Soccer Team in Phoenix!!
  65. Does anybody else hear Alan Jackson on this one? lol
  66. "Lying Deep Within".....my latest masterpiece.
  67. Angel from above
  68. Care to hear a pirate song?
  69. "You're Out of My Sight"
  70. Michael Martin Murphy
  71. attempt number two
  72. Something New To Read....(and comment on, lol)
  73. My New Song! I Think I've Broken Out of My Slump!
  74. What Do You Want To Hear?
  75. WooHoo!
  76. "Let Go"
  77. "Just My Imagination..." (it always is, lol)
  78. "Would You Cry"....my first song in a long time.
  79. Eye so Blue
  80. This one might take a second take to get it....but maybe not
  81. ........................................
  82. "Enter Stage Right" ......
  83. On line music
  84. It Used To Be
  85. Behind the Doors
  86. Anyone else???
  87. My Life, In Short, Is Done
  88. Here she comes
  89. Songs for Garth's album - critiques needed please
  90. the dance
  91. Anybody got Empty Pockets?
  92. Keep The Faith
  93. Please Listen
  94. Is it done yet?
  95. I nead some lyrics
  96. God's Loan
  97. Lost in Life
  98. Am I give to understand?
  99. One of my newer songs....While you were sleeping
  100. Oasis......new song
  101. Then and there I knew
  102. Possession
  103. My Other Shoulder
  104. I need some help for a special friend please.
  105. Here goes....
  106. Sleep
  107. Suspended Nothingness
  108. New Online Music Competitions Database
  109. Your second chance
  110. almost empty
  111. I saw this and thought of you guys..
  112. Where Did All The Time Go?
  113. Another Song and a comment...
  114. Song For Garth
  115. Song For Garth
  116. Looking for a song...
  117. untitled yet...
  118. Before you laugh at the title, read the whole thing, lol
  119. my song
  120. Empty Pockets
  121. "You Are Mine" ....Now, to only find the person who fits this description
  122. Find the Sun
  123. Hello Y'all!
  124. Christmas albums - Lonestar etc.
  125. Christmas Music
  126. The Phoenix (A Tribute for acts of courage)
  127. Something that i wrote for GarthMas 2000...
  128. Can anyone help me find country tabs
  129. Tabs for
  130. Another work Garth inspired
  131. Help - urgent. Lyrics for Mary's Boy Child anyone?
  132. a moment of my holiday...
  133. Is something missing?
  134. I love writing this type of song...."Another Upbeat Song"
  135. Wow, a new song. I havent written a new song in awhile.....
  136. I can already see the video for this one...too bad I can't hear the music.
  137. Maybe y'all could help a newbie
  138. The Hardest Thing I've EVER Done!
  139. New Song
  140. What happened from Poetry.com
  141. long awaited gift
  142. Guitar Cords all GB songs
  143. Yes.
  144. Dare to Dream
  145. My dad
  146. All right, I believe it...People can change, lol
  147. Don't have a title yet
  148. Listening to Garth
  149. ummmmmmmmm I dunno what to call it
  150. i nead the chords to mark chessnutt's armageddon song
  151. Been a long time...
  152. No title yet
  153. give me your favorite older inspirational songs
  154. I'm Not Looking Anymore
  155. Something Different...
  156. Chris Gaines TAB's
  157. Posted again for Brian :-)
  158. While I'm here....
  159. Not a song, but wanted to share...
  160. Lanoya Music Award
  161. When I Find Home
  162. My Mom :)
  163. He'll Make It
  164. Garth Tribute CD From Us
  165. Ever played Not to Win?
  166. Catch up
  167. Never Said Goodbye
  168. Is this what I think it is?? A happy song! lol
  169. :-)
  170. Worn Out Cowboy
  171. Such A Long Time
  172. Why...
  173. Untitled..
  174. Garth songbooks
  175. The Strength To Stay Gone
  176. Only a trying
  177. For the love of a rose...
  178. The Angels
  179. Stay the Course
  180. Brian's Love Song
  181. The reasons to love
  182. My Heart That Needs Healing
  183. Jason Wade (of Lifehouse) - You Belong To Me (from the movie Shrek)
  184. Okay, something's not right, and I can't see what...help!
  185. hey, ive got a great demo tape.....and new job
  186. This must be what Garth meant...
  187. Haven't posted in a while, but....
  188. Songwriters- New Here
  189. WTB: a used pedal steel guitar!
  190. It'll be just fine
  191. Final Summer
  192. The Ghost of Oakridge Swamp
  193. Bring On The Rain
  194. Cupid Aint That Stupid
  195. Appreciate the Help
  196. a song i need ur advice on, my 13yr old wrote
  197. Strong Ones
  198. Love Me Enough
  199. Don Mcclean has agreed to listen to my CD
  200. Mothers' Tears
  201. Something tells me I'm into something good.
  202. Lyrics to NEW Songs.
  203. ...
  204. Chris Leuzinger.........
  205. update on Don Mclean has agreed to listen to my CD
  206. A Perfect Bed of Roses
  207. My heart would break (but I'll still loving you)
  208. First true co-written song...
  209. My Thread Of Poems From The Heart..........
  210. Where Do I Go From Here
  211. Not too far away...
  212. No title
  213. do you know any sites.......
  214. Thanx God to let me be Dani's sister
  215. Missing You...
  216. A brother to me...
  217. Need a little help please
  218. "Who Have Changed?"
  219. I may be here....
  220. Ok you need to read the Pie is good post in open to understand this properly hehe
  221. Do I have to say the words
  222. It's hard
  223. "Just a Friend" written by a friend
  224. Bruises
  225. why aint I satisfied with this song? Anyone?
  226. Does anyone know the complete chords....
  227. Intimacy
  228. chord picking for A HEART IN N.Y.
  229. Dancin' The Dance.............(my first song)
  230. Another song I love
  231. As a Friend
  232. Wrapped Up In You Tab
  233. Afraid Of It All... 10 New Songs
  234. They Didn't Say
  235. Where do i fit in?
  236. i ain't never gonna know
  237. A little gift for the holidays...
  238. Wishful Dreaming
  239. Unique Studio
  240. When you ever need someone
  241. Any Performers Out There?
  242. musicians...
  243. Drummer looking for a band
  244. chords for Rodeo or Mexico
  245. My Faith will stay with you
  246. Some classes actually DO teach you things you'll use later in life...
  247. What Does Garth Do Onstage That So Endears Him To Us?
  248. tall ships and pirates
  249. new song with tabs for guitar
  250. a pirate song :)